Los Angeles Times – May 20, 2010

Achieving Beervana in Portland, OR

"...Nixing plans for a brew-pub dinner, Lenora lobbies for Vindahlo, an Indian restaurant featuring Northwest ingredients. We feast on roasted pumpkin samosas with fresh mint chutney, saag paneer with house-made cheese, fresh spinach and tomato masala, and tender, organic lamb braised in coconut milk, chilies and curry leaves.

Like any self-respecting Portland eatery, Vindahlo has Oregon beers on tap. We order a hoppy, citric Double Mountain India Pale Ale, brewed in Hood River, Ore., and an amber ale from Eugene's Oakshire Brewing Co"... Read

Willamette Week – Dec. 2009

Willamette Week Restaurant Guide

Indian fare is often a delight in its simplicity: It's hard to order anything besides aloo channa and dal tarka when it's done just right. Vindalho, tucked in the same laid-back Clinton Street intersection as the Night Light lounge, takes traditional spices like nutmeg, cloves and curry and gives them a modern kick... Read

The Oregonian – June 10, 2009


If your knowledge of Indian cuisine begins and ends with dreary buffet steam tables loaded up with bright-orange tandoori chicken legs, it's time to discover a fresh take on one of the world's tastiest cuisines... Read

Ultimate Northwest
Ultimate Northwest – September/October 2008

101 Best Restaurants

Sometimes you want something different from a corner curry hut where the food comes in one style of heat - scorching - and the ambience shouts bingo parlor. Enter Vindalho: Upscale yet unstuffy and reasonable in both price and seasoning, it offers a modern take on Indian food that ranges around the country and beyond... Read

Portland Spaces – July/August 2008

Where is the best place to spend a hot August night?

"I like to have dinner at Vindalho on SE Clinton Street because they have big, roll-up bay doors that open up on summer nights; exotic drinks; and badass lamb balls."
—Storm Large, singer, Storm and the Balls

Ultimate Northwest
Northwest Palate – July/August 2008

Out in Front

David Machado looks like an easy-going guy. Underneath his quiet presence, however, he is full of energy and focus. An experienced restaurateur, Machado is an innovative leader of Portland's nationally acclaimed dining scene... View PDF

MIX – February-March, 2008

The Curry Club

When this Indian restaurant opened in 2005, there was skepticism about white guys cooking curries. These days, Vindalho is buzzing...Read

Portland Monthly – January 2008

Culinary Cure-all

Fresh seasonal chutneys offer a delicious antidote to inevitable post-holiday burnout. While some people make resolutions come the first of January, I spend the first day of the year resolutely cleaning out my refrigerator...View PDF

Gourmet – October 2007


Vindalho's seasonal, farm-fresh approach to the classic dishes of India explains why there's so much buzz about this loftlike space in southeast Portland...

The New York Times – September 26, 2007

In Portland, A Golden Age of Dining and Drinking

They come but they don't go. In the way New York drew artists in the '50s, this city at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers seems to exert a magnetic lure on talented chefs who come from almost anywhere else and decide to stay right here. About the hardest thing to find in Portland these days is a homegrown chef...

PDXmagazine – July 2007

Clinton Street: Southeast's sweet little strip

Clinton Street is all about comfort and community. This small strip, basically from 20th to 26th Ave, is up and coming but not in that sickening develop-every-inch-of-everything sort of way...

The Oregonian – June 29, 2007

Glass of '07: best wine lists

Portland has become a major food destination, but wine is as much front and center in most restaurants. Who has the best wine list Northwest or otherwise?

The Oregonian – June 15, 2007

Dining Guide Best Neighborhood Bistros Standout 2007

From our conventional wisdom department: Vindalho, 2005: White guys can't cook Indian food. What're they thinking? Vindalho, 2007: Smart, gutsy, food-savvy. How do I get in?

Sunset – May 2007

Travel|Northwest day trip Clinton Street

Laze away a fine spring day in one of Portland's leafiest neighborhoods. Pedestrians have the right of way along the quiet stretch in southeast Portland, where you'll likely see more people passing on foot or on bike than zooming by in cars....

VIA – March/April 2007

On the Road: Tastes Indian Food Goes Local and Seasonal

When David Machado prepares Goan-style seafood curry, an aromatic southern Indian dish, he blends coconut, curry, lime, and cilantro, just as the venerable recipe dictates...

The New York Times – November 19, 2006


Portland, Ore., established itself as a capital of the organic-food movement years ago....

The Oregonian – September 05, 2006

'Three Daves' find vouvray puts spin on Indian cuisine

Vindalho is a Southeast Portland restaurant that serves "spice route cuisine." That is, classic Indian dishes updated...

Fresh Ideas – July/August 2006

Here Comes the Neighborhood

Will the quiet neighborhoods of Southeast usurp the West Side as the city's dining hot spot? Most assuredly, as long as David Machado stays on the scene...

Wine and Spirits – April 2006

Dynamic Restaurant Trends

The most dynamic restaurant trends we've noticed this year have been in ethnic restaurants...

Wine and Spirits – February 2006

Vindalho I Portland

Perhaps it was the cold rain of the Pacific Northwest that turned David Machado's attention to the warm flavors of India...

The Oregonian – January 20, 2006

Vindalho: Just Right

Vindalho, the new "spice route" restaurant that's been packing 'em in on Southeast Clinton Street, is an Indian restaurant...
Read – January 17, 2006

Playing with fire

When Chef David Machado opened his Vindalho restaurant featuring what he calls "Spice Route Cuisine," he merged tradition with modern technology...

The Portland Tribune – December 16, 2005

Customers' Wish is Vindalho's Desire

Some restaurants require an every-man-for-himself attitude, where customers are forced to take an active role in procuring what they desire...

Willamette Week – December 28, 2005

The Long and Winding Road

Some restaurants fairly stand up and scream for analysis, and Vindalho, the latest venture from Lauro Kitchen restaurateur David Machado, falls firmly into this camp...

The Columbian – December 2, 2005

Vindalho – A Trip on the Spice Route

You won't find chardonnay at Vindalho. Owner David Machado's discerning palate wouldn't allow such a thing...

New York Times – November 6, 2005

Where to Eat

On a recent Sunday evening, locals packed Lauro Kitchen, 6 3377 Southeast Division Street No. 106 (503) 239-7000, to taste its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine...

The Wall Street Journal – September 17, 2005

Chefs Gone Wild: Where to Eat This Fall

In our search for significant openings, we found many fresh ideas in markets often ignored by the food cognoscenti...